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Selected Discography

Marcha sobre a Cidade
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Considered an icon of Brazilian music, the debut album of Grupo Um is the result of an original musical thought and the first instrumental LP independently produced in Brazil. The disc is important for creating a modern language / aesthetics and break the blockade imposed by the recording industry to instrumental music, opening the doors of a new universe of possibilities in a context of political and cultural restrictions in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Reflexões sobre a Crise do Desejo
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REFLEXÕES SOBRE A CRISE DO DESEJO is Grupo Um's second album and a landmark in the band's career. With the newcomers Rodolfo Stroeter on the bass and the German-born multi-instrumentalist Felix Wagner, the group developed some of their most complex themes ever, mixing extremely elaborated compositions with incredibly musicianship, achieving outstanding results.
A Flor de Plástico Incinerada
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In “A FLOR DE PLASTICO INCINERADA“, the Grupo Um completed an intense cycle of creation and gave rise to a legend. Following the steps of the previous issues, this third album surpassed the most advanced limits of musical conventions, combining the rhythmic richness of popular music with the avant-garde languages, all with the same inventive spirit and pioneering that led the group to unparalleled heights of creativity and virtuosity.
Lagrima/Sursolide Suite
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LP issued in 1982, with Zeca Assumpção and Rodolfo Stroeter (bass players).
Discurso aos Objetos/Balada Unidimensional
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LP of eletroacoustic music issued in 1984. Special guest: Paulo Bellinati (guitar)
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"SE..." ("IF..."), was recorded in 1987 and released on LP in 1989. With the help of many of Grupo Um, Pau Brasil and Hermeto Pascoal Band's friends, the album quickly became a Brazilian contemporary instrumental music landmark, not only due to the exceptional compositions but also the all-star team of musicians involved in the recordings. Carefully remastered, the CD brings new photos from the recording sessions, as well as previously unreleased bonus tracks.
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SIMPLES brings nine original compositions dedicated to musicians like Clare Fischer, Denny Zeitlin, Daniel Goyonne, Roger Kellaway and Zeca Assumpção, performed by Lelo Nazario (keyboards), Marlui Miranda (voice), Teco Cardoso (sax and flute), Peter Erskine (drums samples) and Álvaro Faria (percussion).
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AFRICASIAMERICA is the new solo album by Lelo Nazario. combining contemporary and electronic music with Afro-Brazilian forms and rhythms. On this CD, the musician features new compositions and special performances by guest artists Felipe Ávila (guitar), Teco Cardoso (soprano sax, flutes), Benjamin Taubkin (piano), Alvaro Faria (drums, percussion), Guello (percussion) and Mônica Salmaso (voices).
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PERCUSSONICA is the result of the "power-trio" formed by Zé Eduardo Nazario (drums / percussion), Felipe Ávila (guitar) and Lelo Nazario (keyboards). Focusing brazilian music and contemporary jazz, the music enhances the combinations between the acoustic percussion instruments and synthesized percussive sounds. Recorded live during the "Zildjian Day" in São Paulo, with Marlui Miranda on vocals.
Percussonica - HOJE
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PERCUSSÔNICA - HOJE is the most recent project of brothers Zé Eduardo and Lelo Nazario, along with guitar player Felipe Ávila, Zé Eduardo's long time musical partner. Recorded live in São Paulo, brings to you almost every composition played by the band - an outstanding fusion of avant-garde jazz with Brazilian rhythms and contemporary music, mixing acoustic and electronic sounds with bags of energy and improvisation.
Lá Vem a Tribo
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Pau Brasil
CD GHA (Brussels), 1989

1. Lá vem a tribo / 2. Moda de Viola / 3. Pano de Louça / 4. Saudades e Saudações / 5. Flecha de Prata / 6. Valsa Brilhante / 7. Flor do Sul - De Porto Alegre a Uruguaiana / 8. Funeral / 9. Tutti Legal

Lelo Nazario / Teco Cardoso / Rodolfo Stroeter / Paulo Bellinati / Nenê
Metropolis Tropical
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Pau Brasil
CD Divina Comedia (Paris), 1991

1. Planeta São Paulo / 2. Espiritos da Mata / 3. Queimada / 4. Cheguei na Capital / 5. Perdido / 6. Cordilheira / 7. Metropolis Tropical

Lelo Nazário / Rodolfo Stroeter / Paulo Bellinati / Nenê / Teco Cardoso
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Pau Brasil
CD Blue Jackel / Pau Brasil, 1994

1. Ka Kã / 2. Fábula / 3. Três Segredos / 4. Olho d’ Água / 5. Babel / 6. Ulurí / 7. Cordilheira / 8. Tocaia / 9. Festa na Rua

Lelo Nazario / Rodolfo Stroeter / Zé Eduardo Nazario / Marlui Miranda / Teco Cardoso
Pau Brasil & Hermeto Pascoal
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Pau Brasil
CD Tom Brasil, 1995

1. Cordilheira dos Andes, Tubofone / 2. Metropolis tropical, Olho d’água, Bambuzal / 3. Harmonia sem cronologia / 4. Viajando pelo Brasil / 5. Mesclando / 6. Rainha da pedra azul

Lelo Nazario / Hermeto Pascoal / Rodolfo Stroeter / Zé Eduardo Nazario / Marlui Miranda / Teco Cardoso
Quédate Conmigo esta Noche
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Film Planet, Buenos Aires, 1998

Original soundtrack composed with Caco Faria for the play of Flávia de Souza
Anchieta José do Brasil
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Soundtrack: Sérgio Saraceni and Grupo um

LP Bandeirantes Discos, 1978
Hans Staden
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Hans Staden
Lapfilme, São Paulo, 1999

Winner - best soundtrack at the Festival de Brasília in 2000 with Lelo Nazario and Marlui Miranda, for Luiz Alberto Pereira’s film.
A Flor do Caos
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Computer animation film by Luiz Nazario (Federal University of Minas Gerais) - Original soundtrack.
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JANELA (2003) - Produced by Felipe Avila, the CD brings compositions from different periods of his carrier. With the spotless participation of Itamar Collaço (bass), Vinícius Dorin (sax), Daniel D'Alcântara (trumpet and flugel horn), Marinho Andreotti (bass), Lelo Nazário (keyboards) and Zé Nazário (drums and percussion).
Beatles Brasil
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BEATLES BRASIL Guitar player Felipe Avila presents 12 compositions by Lennon & McCartney in arrangements that enphasize the language of Brazilian instrumental music. With Felipe Avila (guitar, nylon and steel guitars, percussion), Nando Miranda (nylon and steel guitars), Zé Eduardo Nazario (drums, zabumba, percussion), Lelo Nazario (keyboards, percussion) and Itamar Collaço (acoustic bass).
Quase Tudo
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QUASE TUDO - Felipe shows here again his refined talent as guitar player and composer, mixing the elements that every creative music should have: complex structures that sounds easy, a rich melodic repertoire and incredible voicings. With Felix Wagner, Irati Antonio, Jane Moraes, Lelo Nazario, Luiz Brasil, Marinho Andreotti, Nenê, Tamima and Vinícius Dorin.
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XAXIM is the latest CD of guitarist Felipe Avila. With Lelo Nazario (keyboards), Marinho Andreotti (bass) and Douglas Las Casas (drums), Carlos Tomati (guitars), among other great musicians.
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CAIXOTE is a box containing eight CDs of the Pau Brasil group, from 1982 until 2012, also including a live concert on DVD and several unreleased bonus tracks. All CDs have been remastered by Lelo Nazario at Utopia Studio.
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Duo Nazario releases the CD Amálgama awarded with Funarte Brazilian Music Award 2012. The album features reinterpretations of older compositions and seven new ones that combine cutting-edge music, jazz, electronic resources and popular forms, a solid african-Brazilian rhythmic base and a lot of improvisation. The CD was recorded and mixed in Soundfinger studios and mastered at Utopia Studio.
Poema da Gota Serena
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Zé Eduardo Nazario - drums, khena from Laos, glockenspiel, kalimba, mridangan, tablas, tubophone, xilophone, percussion, voice
Lelo Nazario - (tracks 1-2) Oberheim synth, piano, xilophone, bells
Cacau - (tracks 3-4) tenor sax, flute

Recorded at JV Studio in 23/30 October 1982
Re-issued in CD (Editio Princeps) in 2015
Grupo Um - Uma Lenda ao Vivo
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After three decades away from the stage, Grupo Um is back. The Sesc label issues the CD "Grupo Um - Uma Lenda ao Vivo". The work, recorded in the "Jazz at the Factory Festival" in 2015, navigates between jazz fusion, free jazz and avant-garde, electronic and electroacoustic music.

CD Released in 2016.
Beatles Brasil vol. 2
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Beatles Brasil vol. 2 is the brand new work by Felipe Ávila, focusing on Lennon & McCartney's compositions, in instrumental versions with Brazilian rhythms.

Special guests: Caito Marcondes, Lelo Nazario and Robertinho Carvalho.

CD Released in 2018.
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Project MI2 (Most Independent: Impossible) was born from the idea of producing a CD designed and made entirely in my studio, from recording to mastering, from cover design to printing and cutting every CD individually. Each copy is handmade, unit by unit, and carries my signature on the insert and on the CD itself to ensure the originality of the product.

Special appearances by
Felix Wagner and Andrea Ernest Dias. CD Released in 2019.
Special Appearances
Special Appearances (composer, arranger, pianist, audio engineer)

Outros Sons
Eliete Negreiros
LP Vôo Livre, 1982

Chansons Métisses
Frédéric Pagès
LP AGEM, 1983

Paiter Merewá: Suruís de Rondônia
Marlui Miranda: research and production; Lelo Nazario: technical supervision
LP Memória Discos, 1984

Rodolfo Stroeter
LP Continental, 1985

Paulo Bellinati
LP Marcus Pereira, 1986

Barracas Barrocas
Fernando Falcão
LP Carmo, 1987

Authentic South America 5: The Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Music
CD Sonoton, 1994

Meu Brasil
Teco Cardoso
CD Núcleo Contemporâneo, 1997

Daniel Taubkin
CD Blue Jackel, 1998

Caixa de Folia
Zeca Assumpção
CD Pau Brasil, 1998

Zeca Assumpção and Nando Carneiro
CD Sunset Music, 1998

Sergio Santos
CD Pau Brasil, 1998

O Sol de Oslo
Gilberto Gil
CD Pau Brasil, 1998

Mônica Salmaso
CD Pau Brasil / Blue Jackel, 1998

Zé Eduardo Nazario
CD Z.E.N., 1998

Mônica Salmaso
CD Eldorado / Blue Jackel, 1999

Unk it
Lulu Pereira
CD Lulu Pereira, 2002

Z: 300 anos de Zumbi
Gilberto Gil
CD Blue Jackel / Lightyear, 2002

Universos Sonoros
Daniel Murray
CD Tratore, 2008

Rosaly Lima
Rosaly Lima
CD Rosaly Lima, 2008

A Consciência do Átomo
CD/Vinil Miniestéreo da Contracultura / Editio Princeps, 2015

David Weiss & Point Of Departure, “Wake Up Call”
Ropeadope, 2017