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Composer, Pianist, Producer, Sound Engineer

"Avant-garde master"
Arnaldo DeSouteiro,
Jazz Station
"A discursive competence unmatched in Brazilian music"
Valter A. Bezerra, Ejazz
"Avant-garde's presence on Brazilian jazz"
Wilson Garzon, Clube de Jazz

"Best 2019 Keyboard Players"
"Best 2016 Electric Piano"
"Best 2016 Instrumental Group: Grupo Um 'Uma Lenda Ao Vivo' (Selo Sesc)"

"2016: The Best 25 Instrumental Jazz CDs:
Grupo Um 'Uma Lenda Ao Vivo' (Selo Sesc)"
Annual Jazz Station Award

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A music production, mixing and mastering studio created by Lelo Nazario, offering the best analog and digital resources. Specialized in instrumental music, classical, and jazz.
Irati Antonio
Phone: 55 11 4242.9714
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